Fuel Your Victory

We’re so excited to announce our partnership with Green Chef, the meal kit designed to help you smash your fitness goals. Their nutritionist-approved recipes cater to five core dietary preferences; keto, lower carb, flexitarian, vegan and vegetarian.

Just like a training plan, your diet is personal and should be tailored to your unique needs. That’s why Green Chef makes it so easy to choose the diet plan that suits you best, or mix and match from new recipes each week. Whilst we can’t promise that training will be pain-free, you can be sure that eating healthy will be.

Taking on a challenge should be an adventure, it shouldn’t be about counting calories and macros. That’s why Green Chef is the perfect option for aspiring Spartans. When it comes to healthy meals, their registered nutritionists will do all the heavy lifting for you… leaving you to do more time to do your own heavy lifting. You can be sure that no matter what option you pick, they’ll be as good for you as they taste.

We know you care about your impact on the world, and food waste is bad for the environment. That’s why Green Chef ingredients arrive in the exact amount you need, to significantly reduce food waste from overbuying and leftovers. Plus their streamlined supply chain was designed to cut out food miles and ensure that the ingredients in your meal kit arrive in the freshest possible state. Green Chef also offsets 100% of its in-box plastic waste, as well as the carbon emissions from their operations and distribution, so you can rest easy that your meals are healthy for you and for the planet.

Head Chef Anna says; “We’re so excited to launch our partnership with Spartan. We love that Spartan races inspire people every day to take on challenges they never thought they would be able to achieve, and it’s the perfect partnership for us at Green Chef because it's our mission to help people hit their health goals. This year we can't wait to help Spartan victories!

Green Chef is offering Spartans an exclusive (and might we add tasty) discount, to help fuel Spartan victories.

Get 40% off your first box, and 20% of your next three with the code TEAMGREENCHEF