10 Best Exercises to Train for Your First Spartan Race

Why is preparation underrated? Don’t you just love it when someone says, “You’re lucky”? If you are anything like me, it’s like lighting the fuse to a 10-ton payload of dynamite in my mind. The natural response from any hard worker is, “Luck had nothing to do with it.” And luck has zero to do with Spartan race preparation.

It’s also hard to be lucky when you are getting ready for a race. This is why Spartan pushed forward their “couch to the course” campaign: to not only create enthusiasm about racing, but also get you ready for it before you do so. In a Spartan race, the only luck you may have is that you picked the winning numbers on a scratch-off you picked up while getting your post-race protein shake at a local stop. Everything else is achievable through effort. Luck has nothing to do with racing!

Since most Spartan racers are hardworking, motivated, dedicated, limit-pushing athletes, it would be likely that luck has nothing to do with racing or the preparation that goes into getting ready. Racing and racing preparation follow the same model: work hard, stay motivated, dedicate to your training, and push the limits.

These will help you stay in peak shape, prepare you for the 2021 race season, and keep you mentally strong amidst unprecedented times. And for more comprehensive training programs with elite athletes and coaches, make sure to download the Spartan Fit app.

Happy training!